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What is a Taser Pulse?

Pulse Taser For Sale. The TASER Pulse Holster’s convenience lies in its ambidextrous design which allows it to be worn on either the inside or outside of the waistband. With a positive key lock latch, the Taser Pulse Stun Gun is able to be safely carried with no fear of it accidentally going off. With […]

Taser X1 Review

The Taser X1 is a powerful personal protection device that comes packed with all the technology you would want in one small and handy device. This personal protection device also comes with three levels of rechargeable batteries, making it perfect for people who travel a lot or do not have access to rechargeable batteries on […]

Streetwise Door Stop Alarm

Door Stop Alarms is a great way to add security to your home. From simple personal alarms to infrared motion detection, GE just has the right product for you. With over thirty years of experience in the door and window safety industry, we’ve got the knowledge to help protect your family and your home. Let’s […]

Jolt Mini 98 Million Volt Stun Gun

We are excited to introduce the new and improved JOLT 98,000,000 Mini Stun Gun.Find More Information About Jolt Mini 98 Million Volt Stun Gun Here This rectangular-shaped Jolt Mini Stun Gun has historically been one of the lowest-priced and most common models. People love the ease of use and simple design however it has basically […]

All About the Jolt Mini Stun Gun

A new personal defense product on the market is the Jolt mini stun gun. It’s designed to deliver a non-lethal electrical shock to your attacker with a small electronic charge. Do Mini Stun Guns Work? The electric charge is released through the use of an ergonomic rechargeable cell phone carrying case. This Jolt mini stun […]

Police Review Taser X2 Stun Gun

The Taser X2 series is one of the smaller less-lethal conductive electric weapons systems that’s used by many law enforcement officers and even by ordinary citizens as a personal use for personal self-protection. It was designed by TASER International, Inc., a well known company that specializes in non-lethal personal protection products. They released the first […]

Features of Pepperball VKS Launchers

The popular Pepperball Vks Launcher Laser Fire System is a perfect choice for defending yourself against any potential home invasions, burglaries or attackers. It’s powerful and effective, and is sure to give you the advantage in any situation. High Impact Battery – The Pepperball VKS Laser Fire System is an all over infrared device that […]

A Taser Pulse Review

Find More Information About Where Can I Buy A Taser Pulse Here Taser Pulse Review. The Taser Pulse is one of the newest stun guns out there. They say that this product is great because it works even better than an actual stun gun. They also say that the The Pulse Taser will definitely help […]

Tactical 750 Lumen LED Flashlight

The GF16 Thunder 750* Lumen Best Small Tactical Flashlight features a T6 10W LED and is encased in a water-resistant and shockproof housing made of aircraft-grade aluminum.Find More Information About Tactical 750 Lumen LED Flashlight HereNot only will the bright LED flashlight safely illuminate an entire area at night, but it can also help protect […]

Streetwise SafeZone Solar Motion LED Light

Our Streetwise SafeZone Solar Motion LED Light has 20 high-powered LEDs to provide excellent 160 Lumens illumination.Find More Information About Streetwise SafeZone Solar Motion LED Light Here This is bright enough to turn night into day and provide security for your home or business. The eco-friendly design means our light is charged through the day […]

The Fire Extinguisher Ball

One thing that many people forget to think of when they have to use their fire extinguisher is the fire extinguisher ball. The Fire Extinguisher Bomb Ball was designed for those situations where you might have to use your extinguisher in a hurry. If you are like many people, you will likely be rushing to […]

Mace Brand Pepper Spray

Pepper spray pepper sprays can be very useful in a wide variety of situations. They are especially helpful for self-defense purposes, although many people use them for other purposes as well. There are many makes and models of pepper spray pepper sprays on the market today. It can be difficult to choose the right one. […]

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