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Tasers Are Great to Incapacitate Preditors

TASER StrikeLight 2 Stun Gun Overview

To activate the taser strike light flashlight feature, simply press this button. The flashlight feature comes in three modes: high, medium and red to activate the stun feature, simply slide this button forward and squeeze the trigger to turn. Your stun feature off simply slide this button back. The Taser Strike Light 2 is a […]

Taser Pulse Demonstration

(Here is the Taser Pulse Review article of the Video Below showing how painful it is to be ‘Tased’ by the Taser Pulse and how easy it is to escape your attacker). Okay, I’m recording waldo, you do agree to. Let me tase you correct and not sue me. Okay, if you want to sit […]

Taser Bolt 2 Overview

The next generation of self-defense is here with the Bolt2. The taser bolt 2 energy weapon provides the latest in protection featuring a discreet design, non-lethal protection packaged in a compact shape that is distinct from a firearm or handgun safety from a distance. Find More Information About Taser Bolt 2 Here The 15 foot […]

Taser For Women

Tasers are often used as a means of self-defense for women. These devices are small, light, and easy to carry in a purse or pocket. Some even have wireless connectivity, which lets you send a message to emergency services with a single click. A taser for women is an important tool for self-defense, as it […]

What is a Taser Pulse?

Pulse Taser For Sale. The TASER Pulse Holster’s convenience lies in its ambidextrous design which allows it to be worn on either the inside or outside of the waistband. With a positive key lock latch, the Taser Pulse Stun Gun is able to be safely carried with no fear of it accidentally going off. With […]

Taser X1 Review

The Taser X1 is a powerful personal protection device that comes packed with all the technology you would want in one small and handy device. This personal protection device also comes with three levels of rechargeable batteries, making it perfect for people who travel a lot or do not have access to rechargeable batteries on […]

A Taser Pulse Review

Find More Information About Where Can I Buy A Taser Pulse Here Taser Pulse Review. The Taser Pulse is one of the newest stun guns out there. They say that this product is great because it works even better than an actual stun gun. They also say that the The Pulse Taser will definitely help […]

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