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Stop Threats in Their Tracks with SABRE Aim and Fire Pepper Gel: The Ultimate Self-Defense Tool with Trigger and Grip Deployment

Looking for a reliable and effective pepper spray to keep you and your loved ones safe in any situation? Look no further than SABRE Aim and Fire Pepper Gel With Trigger and Grip Deployment! This innovative and easy-to-use pepper gel features a trigger and grip deployment system that ensures accuracy and ease of use, even […]

Unleash the Power of Protection: The JPX4 Shot LE Defender Pepper Gun Black with Laser – Your Ultimate Self-Defense Companion

Are you concerned about your safety when walking alone at night or traveling through unfamiliar areas? Do you want a reliable and effective tool for self-defense? Look no further than the JPX4 Shot LE Defender Pepper Gun Black with laser. This innovative pepper gun combines advanced pepper spray technology with a laser sight to provide […]

Brass Knuckles For Women

If you are a fan of martial arts and self-defense, then you’ve probably heard of brass knuckles While they are used in hand-to-hand combat, they are also popular as jewelry and belt buckles. You can find them online, at your local belt buckle store, or in the weapon shop. Although brass knuckles have a long […]

Mace Keyguard Review

Whether you’re planning on leaving your home in the near future or if you’re looking for something to use on your commute to work, a Mace Keyguard will have you covered This mace spray key chain sized self defense spray has a 3 gram unit that will do the trick and the best part is […]

TASER StrikeLight 2 Stun Gun Overview

To activate the taser strike light flashlight feature, simply press this button. The flashlight feature comes in three modes: high, medium and red to activate the stun feature, simply slide this button forward and squeeze the trigger to turn. Your stun feature off simply slide this button back. The Taser Strike Light 2 is a […]

Taser Pulse Demonstration

(Here is the Taser Pulse Review article of the Video Below showing how painful it is to be ‘Tased’ by the Taser Pulse and how easy it is to escape your attacker). Okay, I’m recording waldo, you do agree to. Let me tase you correct and not sue me. Okay, if you want to sit […]

What Is a Push Dagger?

A push dagger is an easy-to-use weapon designed specifically for self-defense. Its convenient sheath is made of durable ABS plastic that is resistant to water, impact, and abrasion. Its black design conceals the blades while leaving the handles exposed. The Push Dagger Sheath is easy to conceal thanks to an elastic strap with velcro. It […]

Zap Walking Cane Stun Device Review

Stun guns and Tasers both have their advantages, but which one is more effective for personal self-defense? A stun gun is generally less lethal than a Taser, but still has the advantage of being less visible. However, unlike a Taser, it is not an electrical device and does not require an ongoing battery, although some […]

Taser Bolt 2 Overview

The next generation of self-defense is here with the Bolt2. The taser bolt 2 energy weapon provides the latest in protection featuring a discreet design, non-lethal protection packaged in a compact shape that is distinct from a firearm or handgun safety from a distance. Find More Information About Taser Bolt 2 Here The 15 foot […]

Taser Strikelight Review

Original Strikelight Taser Review: Find More Information About Taser StrikeLight 2 Here The TASER Strikelight is a compact, yet powerful, stun gun. It has a long-life rechargeable battery and a wrist strap for added protection. The LED is incredibly bright and can reach 55 feet away. The unit also features a slide-on/off switch for putting […]

Lipstick Knife

A lipstick knife is a self-defense weapon that can sever an attacker’s neck or wrist. Because the blade is concealed inside a lipstick applicator, the user can easily grab and use it. A good example is the Takedown Pucker Up. It opens up like a normal lipstick case, but the hidden blade is a knife. […]

What is a Push Dagger?

The push dagger is a fixed blade utility knife that is approximately 5″ long and 2.75″ wide. It has a single edge blade located on the lower side and comes with a belt loop and sheath. It is a great tool for self-defense and everyday carry. A Push Dagger Cold Steel also makes a great […]

What Is a Diversion Safe?

Best Diversion Safes? A diversion safe is a hidden storage box that stores important documents, valuables, and cash. It can be placed away from your home, or further away from the neighborhood. It is usually disguised as an ordinary, everyday item, like a salt jar. Its large size and concealed compartment makes it ideal for […]

Stun Gun Flashlight

A stun gun flashlight is a perfect way to protect yourself. A good light for the night, it’s also a useful auto emergency tool. The light from the flashlight is powerful enough to break car windows, and the stun gun has a lifetime warranty. Another bonus is that the battery is rechargeable, and the light […]

Taser For Women

Tasers are often used as a means of self-defense for women. These devices are small, light, and easy to carry in a purse or pocket. Some even have wireless connectivity, which lets you send a message to emergency services with a single click. A taser for women is an important tool for self-defense, as it […]

Expandable Steel Baton

An Steel Police Expandable Baton is a popular choice among law enforcement and security professionals. Unlike a traditional rubber or plastic baton, an expandable baton can be used by officers of all types. They can be collapsed for easy storage and transport. This lightweight 26 Expandable Steel Baton is made from high quality materials, and […]

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