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Are You Seeking Information About Home Security? Then Check Out These Great Tips!

Homeowners feel as though it is tough to make their home a safe place. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can find out how to go about it much cheaper and perhaps much better after reading this article.

Put a surveillance system in your home. You can make a huge difference in your home’s security by putting in cameras whether they’re concealed or out in the open. Visible cameras deter the majority of intruders, and if they try to disarm them, a camera that is hidden will keep capturing footage. Surveillance systems often allow you to access videos through your cell phone, too.

Legal in New Jersey, Baltimore, Phillidelphia

Don’t open your door if a stranger is on the other side. You have no way of knowing if the stranger on the other side of the door wishes to do you harm. Establish a rule where you and your family only open the door for expected visitors.

TIP! Be smart about where you decide to hide spare keys. Too many people put their extra key under the mat in front of their door; burglars know to check there.

The best method of preventing a burglar from breaking into your garage is preventing people from seeing inside. Frost your windows so people cannot look inside your home. Don’t leave the door unlocked for a long time, either.

Secure your attached garage. You can prevent this from happening easily. If your garage lifts up on a track, try using a C-clamp. This will prevent your door from opening up if the clamp is close to its roller.

Remove old plants and debris from your yard. This can be a fire hazard, especially if you live in an area with high heat. Clear up your yard so it looks good and is safe.

TIP! If your door isn’t either metal or solid wood, replace it with one that is. These doors are much more sturdy.

Always make your house appear to be occupied. You could purchase timers which make lights and TV’s, as well as other devices, power on or off at varying intervals. This will give your home the appearance of someone being there. This helps you keep your house burglar-free.

Spare Key

See if the security company has motion sensitive lighting. This is often an option from a good company. Motion sensitive lighting turns on when a person approaches your home in the dark. Therefore, if a burglar approaches, you will know.


TIP! Home alarms are a good investment, but only when someone who hears it calls the cops. This is why it’s a great idea to consider a centrally monitored system.

Man’s best friend can also be trusted to secure a spare key. This approach is useful if your dog is a large breed that lives outdoor, or if your house has a doggy door. Place a spare key on the collar, and when you really need a spare, you know where to go!

Make sure that you change the locks once you’ve taken possession of the house. You don’t know the exact number of copies of that key the previous owners have or have handed out. Have a locksmith install a brand new lock. If you lose keys, make sure to do this, too.

It can be tough to provide the proper level of security in a home equipped with sliding glass doors. It’s easy to break into a sliding glass door by just lifting it up and shaking it. You have to secure them, so use a piece of pipe in the track. This jams the door so it just can’t open.

TIP! Always lock all your windows, even the ones on the second floor. These are easy to overlook because no one expects a criminal to make the effort to break in through an upstairs window.

The only time you should give out house keys to house cleaners is if you absolutely trust them. You need to ensure that they are honest and reputable according to references before you have handed over the key. Do a background check on them. If the cleaner is from a firm, try calling the local BBB to find out about the firm’s reputation.

Do you have an outside dog? Your dog is an excellent place to hide your spare key. Put it on their collar. If your dog does not like strangers, this can help ensure consistent access to the house.

Choose some deadbolts with captive keylocks for your home. The devices are equipped with thumb latches that prevent people from reaching around to open the lock via a an adjacent broken window. When at home, leave your key in this kind of lock for easy egress in the event of fire.

TIP! Women are more likely than men to be a target for burglary. This is especially true if they live on their own with children.

The best home security systems do much more than sound the alarm (literally). Most of them can be programmed to alert you to anyone entering your home. If you have little ones wandering about the house, this makes it easy for you to know if they have come in or gone out.

Valuable Items

Locks that can’t be locked from the outside are not adequate. A deadbolt with keys on both the inside and outside of the door is best.

TIP! There are many benefits to adopting a dog, especially one with a large bark. Burglars would not want to deal with potentially being bitten or attacked.

Make sure you have a safe to keep valuable items in one place. This will keep your stash of diamonds, gold and other valuable items out of view and inaccessible to burglars. Keep the safe hidden in a hard-to-find location like an attic or a basement closet.

It’s important to comparison shop for alarm systems. Some companies offer comparable levels of protection that can be priced very differently. Make sure you get quotes from at least three companies before you decide on which one you think is the best option.

Go straight to a home security company to buy your system rather than going through a middle man. A re-seller will not guarantee the equipment the way the manufacturer will and is only looking for easy money. When you go through the company, they will offer a guarantee and won’t charge extra fees.

TIP! Remember that all external wiring is a tempting target. Copper wiring is worth a lot today.

Now that you have been supplied with some great home security tips, you are better prepared to secure your home. Begin improving your home security. You will soon be treated to a home that feels safe any time of the day or night. That will give you great peace of mind.

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