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Who Needs Self Defense Products and the Best Self Defense Weapon? Having a plan to secure your home and prevent it from burglary and also defending yourself from an attacker is the smart thing to do because the two most common threats in today's society are in-fact Personal Assaults and Home Burglary.

Be Prepared To Defend Yourself. Every day in the news and on TV people and property are under assault. Do you feel comfortable when you are out jogging or walking around your neighborhood? Have there been any assaults in your neighborhood or at work? Do you feel safe walking to your car in a poorly lit parking lot? Do you have a daughter who is on her way to college? The facts are that one in four women will be the victim of an assault in her time at a University or college. Domestic violence affects one in three women in the United States.

Women are assaulted nine times more often than men. One of the most common places for assaults to occur is in a parking lot. Workplace assaults are not as common, but they happen with alarming regularity.

We have the best pepper spray, mace, stun guns and more. All the top quality non-lethal defense products you need to defend yourself. We also have the best and most effective home security products to prevent forced entry and burglary.


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Why Self Defense Gear Co? We've been around for over a decade and have earned the trust of thousands of customers. Unlike 95% of the distributors in the country, we do this business full-time and ship your orders out fast. Our selection of top quality non-lethal self defense and home security products is second-to-none.

And did I mention we have some of the lowest prices too. If you have suggestions, comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us. If you find something that interests you please CLICK HERE to bookmark our site and tell your friends and family where they can find us.

WindoBullyWindowBully Window & Door Lock Windobully Is A New Unique Easy To Install Security Device To Stop Window & Door Breakins. It's The Ideal Safety Solution For People In Their Homes, With 300 Lbs. of Force! It Prevents Unwanted Intrusions Into Any Room And Provides Total Peace Of Mind. See Demo Video.

Sting RingSting Ring Is an 18 Million Volts Stun Gun Your Attacker Will Be Shock Enough For You to Get Away. The rounded base feels natural in your hand, and when gripped firmly it's nearly impossible for an attacker to take it from you. The Squeeze-N-Stun Technology could save your life by saving you valuable seconds when defending yourself in a panic situation. Rather than having to fumble around looking for the right buttons to push you simply turn off the safety and tighten your grip to activate the unit and stun your attacker.

(Great For Walking to Parking Lots. View Short Video)

With this power stun gun attached to your keys you will not have to be concerned about it getting lost in the bottom of your purse or wasting valuable time getting it out of your pocket. CLICK HERE to See Our Streetwise 18 Million Volt Stun Gun Sting Ring w/Key Ring

Taser Pulse Black w/Laser The Taser Pulse Black w/Laser has a Subcompact design with intuitive user interface. The small size and pistol shape provides a familiar discreet carry capability.

Shaved safeties and angled iron sights for a comfortable conceal carry and prevention of snagging when withdrawing or re-holstering device.

It has an advanced target acquisition with LASER assisted targeting, color contrasting iron sights, and powerful LED flashlight to help identify friend or foe.

Our Newest L'il Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun

Stun Gun Black

Stun Gun Pink
Stun Gun Purple
Free Holster

Stun Gun Plug

Trigger 18M Volt Stun Gun

Trigger 18M Volt Stun Gun Flashlight w/Disable Pin

The Trigger 18,000,000 volt stun gun flashlight with wrist strap disable pin by Safety Technology has a unique trigger design for easy operation and lifetime warranty.

The super bright 100 lumen flashlight will blind any attacker or it can be used as an everyday flashlight.

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JOLT 46 Million Volt Mini Stun Gun

Carry the JOLT 46 Million Volt Mini Stun Gun

The Highest Voltage Stun Gun On the Market & Totally Affordable!

  • 46 Million Volts & Affordable Too!
  • Triple Stun Technology
  • Metal Disable Pin
  • Built-In Charger
  • Bright LED Flashlight
  • Safety Switch
  • Rubberized Armor Coating
  • Holster Included

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The Lastest Taser that Doesn't Feel Like a Gun!

Taser Bolt

  • Taser Bolt, with laser, LED, 2 live cartridges, 1 soft holster, lithium power magazine (battery pack), and target.
  • The technologically advanced TASER Bolt is designed specifically with your personal safety needs in mind.

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Blind Your Attacker & Easily Get Away!

Police Force Tactical L2 LED Flashlight

Now You Don't Need a Stun Gun or Taser to Disable an Attacker.

The Police Force Tactical L2 LED Flashlight Has an ultra-bright 1,000 Lumens Light That can have a temporary blinding effect of as Much as 90 Seconds, Making It Easy for You to Get Away. See Demo Video.

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JPX4 4 Shot Pepper Gun Compact

 JPX4 4 Shot Pepper Gun Compact

Just like a handgun but MUCH lighter, the JPX4 Shot Defender is a brand new product offered to Law Enforcement by Piexon AG.

This is the BEST Self Defense Weapon Available Today!

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SkySaver Personal Rescue Device

What if you had to escape from a Hi-Rise building in a few minutes due to a Terrorist attack or explosion? The SkySaver Personal Rescue Device allows you to escape from a multi-story building. Click below to see a very important video about this product.

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Apartment Survival Kit
Ultimate Apartment
Survival Kit


College safety kit
Extreme College
Survival Kit


Click on the kit images to learn more about them.

These kits make great gifts!

All products are non-lethal, safe
and covered by warrantees.

guananteed satisfactionWe have been selling the BEST self defense and home security products since 2002.

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instructional fighting videosIncredible collection of Instructional Fighting Videos by some of the smartest, most talented, meanest fighters in the world. Now available in DVD's.

Even if you are not interested in learning how to defend yourself and your family, these videos are more fun than Jackie Chan movies.

Click Here to read more about the Instructional Fighting Videos...

New Products
JPX4 Jet Protectot<br>Compact Pepper GunJOLT 46 Million Volt<br>Mini Stun GunZap Light EXTREME<br>Stun GunSabre Runner Pepper Spray<br>w/Adjustable Hand Strap
18M Volt String<br>Ring Stun GunWindow Bully<br>Window & Door LockPolice Force Tactical<br>L2 LED Flashlight3N1 Charger 28 Million<br>Volt Stun Gun
JPX4 Jet Protector<br>Black w/LaserStreetwise Tactical Pen<br>w/Light - DNA CollectorTaser Pulse<br>With LaserFRiPHONE 14 Million<br>Volt Stun Gun
Trigger 18M Volt Stun Gun<br>Flashlight w/Disable PinZAP CANE<br>Stun GunMUNIO Designer<br>Self Defense Keychain
Top Featured Products
JPX4 Jet Protectot<br>Compact Pepper GunThe NEW JPX4 4 Compact Jet Protector Gun is the ONLY Product that Can Fire 4 Separate Shots of Pepper Spray at 320 FPS Up to 23 feet. Most Less-lethal Devices are Limited in Range and Reliability.
18M Volt String<br>Ring Stun GunThis Revolutionary Stun Gun Both Women & Men Love. You Conceal the Base of the Unit in the Palm of Your Hand Exposing Only the Top of the Stun Ring. The Rounded Base Feels Natural in Your Hand & Nearly Impossible for an Attacker to Take It From You.
Mini SMACK 20 Million<br>Volt Keychain Stun GunPERFECT PORTABLE SELF DEFENSE. The Mini SMACK 20 Million Volt Keychain Stun Gun is the Size of a Small Pack Of Gum, Making It The Smallest Powerful Keychain Stun Gun In The World!
JPX4 4 Shot Pepper Gun<br>Compact Yellow BarrelThis Is The Only Product That Can Fire 4 Separate Shots Of Pepper Spray At 590 FPS From The Nozzel And 320 FPS At 5 Feet Up To 23 Feet. It Has Been Certified By ATF As A Non-firearm With No Registration Required. See Amazing Demo Video.
Window Bully<br>Window & Door LockWindobully Is A New Easy To Install Security Device To Stop Window & Door Breakins. It's The Best Security Solution For People, With 300 Lbs. of Force! It Prevents Breakins Into Any Room And Provides Total Peace Of Mind. See Demo Video.
Zap Light EXTREME<br>Stun GunZap Light Extreme Stun Gun/Flashlight Features 6 Ultrasharp Spike Electrodes And A Bright LED Bulb. Built-in, High-Endurance NiMH Rechargeable Battery Along With A Wall Charger, Car Charger, Carry Case And Wrist Strap. Watch DEMO VIDEO.
Police Force Tactical<br>L2 LED FlashlightAt About 6 Inches Long, Our Police Force Tactical L2 LED Flashlight Enables You to Blind Your Attacker. & Is the Perfect Size to Carry in Your Car, Purse, or Toolbox So You'll Never Be left in the Dark Again. VIEW DEMO VIDEO
Taser Pulse<br>With LaserTaser Pulse Is A High-tech, Subcompact Weapon That Packs The Same Knock-down Punch Used By Law Enforcement Around The World. With The TASER Pulse You Can Reach An Attacker From Up To 15 Feet Away And Immobilize Them For 30 Seconds Giving You Time Escape.
MUNIO Designer<br>Self Defense KeychainThe Name MUNIO Means 'I Protect' Or 'I Defend'... And That's Exactly What It Can Do For You And Your Loved Ones! MUNIO Can Empower You To Fight Off An Attacker And Escape Safely! Click Image & Watch DEMO VIDEO.
Sabre Runner Pepper Spray<br>w/Adjustable Hand StrapSabre Runner Pepper Spray w/Adjustable Hand Strap is Easily Accessible With Adjustable Hand Strap Provides Police-Strength Protection at your Finger Tips! Click The Image & Watch DEMO VIDEO.
3N1 Charger 28 Million<br>Volt Stun GunIf The Sight And Sound Of This Stun Gun Doesn't Stop Him, A Jolt From This Unit Certainly Will! The 3N1 Charger Features A Large Capacity 5200 MAh Power Bank That Will Charge Your Cell Phone Nearly Two Times. It Will Charge Any USB-powered Device To !
FRiPHONE 14 Million<br>Volt Stun GunThis Might Just Be The Most Realistic Cell Phone Stun Gun On The Market Today! Most Other Models Are Big And Bulky And Look Like Phones That Were Popular 10 Years Ago. The FRiPHONE 14 Million Volt Stun Gun Looks Just Like A Current Smart Phone.

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